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class Building

Represents a reference to a building in the game world.

Class Methods

string GetDescriptionName () const
get building description name
string GetBuildingType () const
get building type name
string GetStage () const
get current building stage name
int GetCurrentHP () const
get current building health
int GetMaxHP () const
get maximum building health
void Charge (const int _iChargePoints)
modify charge value of a charge type building
bool IsActive () const
is the building currently active? (assignments can be given by the player)
void SetActive (const bool _bActive)
set whether the player can give assignments to the building
bool Damage (const string&in _sDamageTypeName, const uint _uAmount)
damage the building for _uAmount HP of the given damage type, returns true if destroyed
void Destroy ()
immediately destroy the building
Building& operator= (const Building&in)
bool operator== (const Building&in)
bool operator== (const Entity&in)
bool Exists () const
uint GetId () const
uint8 GetFaction () const
void SetFaction (const uint8 _Faction)
string GetEntityType () const
bool IsEnabled () const
void Enable (const bool _bEnabled)
bool IsInteractive () const
void SetInteractive (const bool _bInteractive)
bool CanBeAttacked () const
void SetAttackable (const bool _bAttackable)
Entity opImplConv () const