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class Building

Represents a reference to a building in the game world. An instance of this class acts like a weak pointer to an existing building in the game world and provides an interface to interact with it. Before interacting with the building, you should call Exists() in order to check if the building actually (still) exists. IMPORTANT: This class must NOT be stored as a class member. If you want to store the building for later reference, store the id obtained by GetId instead. You can then later retrieve the building from the LevelReference class by calling GetBuildingById.

Inherits from: Entity

Class Methods

Basic Information

string GetDescriptionName () const
get building description name
EBuildingType GetBuildingType () const
get building type
uint16 GetSectorIndex () const
get index of the sector in which the building is located.


EBuildingStage GetStage () const
get current building stage
int GetCurrentHP () const
get current building health
int GetMaxHP () const
get maximum building health
bool Damage (const EDamageType _DamageType, const uint _uAmount)
damage the building for _uAmount HP of the given damage type, returns true if destroyed
void AutoConstruct ()
automatically construct the building, without requiring resources or workers
void Destroy ()
immediately destroy the building
uint8 GetAssignedWorkers () const
get number of workers currently assigned to this building
void AssignWorkers (const uint8 _uNumWorkers)
assign the given number of workers to this building
bool HasCondition (const uint _uDescriptionId) const
check if building has condition with given _uDescriptionId
bool ApplyCondition (const uint _uDescriptionId, const int _iDuration, const uint8 _Faction = kMaxFactions, const uint _uScalingPercentage = 100)
try to apply condition with given _uDescriptionId to building for the defined _uDuration in seconds (-1 for infinite) - returns true if applied
bool RemoveCondition (const uint _uDescriptionId)
try to remove condition with given _uDescriptionId from building - returns true if removed


bool IsActive () const
is the building currently active? (assignments can be given by the player)
void SetActive (const bool _bActive)
set whether the player can give assignments to the building
bool CanBeUsedByAllFactions () const
can the building be used by all factions?
void SetUsableByAllFactions (const bool _bUsable)
set whether the building is allowed to be used by all factions
bool CheckCustomState (const EBuildingCustomState _State) const
check whether the given custom building state is currently active
void SetCustomState (const EBuildingCustomState _State, const bool _bValue)
set the given custom building state
bool IsRuin () const
is this building a "cold" ruin (this may be used to hide some visual details on damaged buildings, e.g. burning fires)
void SetRuin (const bool _bRuin)
mark this building as a "cold" ruin (this may be used to hide some visual details on damaged buildings, e.g. burning fires). this state is automatically reset once the building is repaired to full health.


uint GetResources (const EResource _Type) const
get the amount of resources of _Type currently in the building's production store.
uint GetResourceCapacity (const EResource _Type) const
get the maximum amount of resources of _Type which the building can store in its production store.
uint AddResources (const EResource _Type, const uint _uAmount)
add _uAmount resources of _Type to the building's production store. returns the actual amount of resources added.
uint RemoveResources (const EResource _Type, const uint _uAmount)
remove _uAmount resources of _Type from the building's production store. returns the actual amount of resources removed.

Production Assignments

uint16 AddProductionAssignment (const EBuildingProduction _Type, const string&in _sDescription, const Entity&in _Target = Entity ( ))
add production assignment for the given building production (if the building provides a matching option).
void CancelProductionAssignment (const uint16 _uAssignmentId)
cancel the production assignment with the given id
void CancelProductionAssignments (const EBuildingProduction _Type, const string&in _sDescription)
cancel all production assignments matching the given type and description.
void CancelAllProductionAssignments ()
cancel all current production assignments

Special Behaviors

uint GetCharge () const
get the building's current charge (returns 0 if the building does not have a charge behavior)
uint GetMaxCharge () const
get the building's maximum charge (returns 0 if the building does not have a charge behavior)
void Charge (const int _iChargePoints)
modify charge value of a charge type building
Building GetConnectedGodstone ()
get connected godstone (may be invalid if the godstone is not connected or if this building is not a godstone)
string GetConnectedGodstoneName () const
get name of the connected godstone (may be empty if the godstone is not connected or if this building is not a godstone)
void ConnectGodstone (const Building&in _TargetGodstone)
connect this godstone to another one (both buildings must be godstones!)
void ReviveAtGodstone (const Creature&in _Creature)
revives creature at this godstone (may fail if the building is not a godstone)


uint Upgrade (const LevelReference@ _Level, const string&in _sDescriptionName, const bool _bInstant = false)
upgrade the building to the given description
void ProhibitProduction (const EBuildingProduction _Type, const string&in _sDescription, const bool _bProhibit = true)
prohibit production of a certain assignment available in this building
void ClearProhibitions ()
clear all prohibited production options


Building& operator= (const Building&in)
bool operator== (const Building&in)

Inherited Functions

Functions inherited from Entity.

bool operator== (const Entity&in)
bool Exists () const
does the entity actually exist? (always check this before doing anything with the entity!)
uint GetId () const
get persistent entity id, use this to save the entity for later reference.
uint8 GetFaction () const
get owner faction
void SetFaction (const uint8 _Faction)
set owner faction
EEntityType GetEntityType () const
get entity type
bool IsEnabled () const
whether the entity is currently enabled (i.e. is visible in the game world)
void Enable (const bool _bEnabled)
enabled or disable the entity
bool IsInteractive () const
can the entity be interacted with?
void SetInteractive (const bool _bInteractive)
set whether the entity can be interacted with
bool IsSelectable () const
can the entity (theoretically) be selected by the player?
void SetSelectable (const bool _bSelectable)
set whether the entity can be selected by the player

(note that depending on the type of entity, there may be additional checks preventing the entity from being selected)

bool IsBusy () const
is the entity currently marked as busy?
void SetBusy (const bool _bBusy)
mark the entity as busy
bool HasInspectionText () const
check whether the entity currently has an inspection text
void SetInspectionText (const uint _uTextId)
make the entity inspectable and set the text to be displayed upon inspection
bool CanBeAttacked () const
can the entity be attacked?
void SetAttackable (const bool _bAttackable)
set whether the entity can be attacked
Entity opImplConv () const