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Callback Function Signatures

Below is a list of function signatures used to register event callbacks. All callback functions must return true if they want to be unregistered and false if they wish to be called again the next time the respective event occurs.

bool TOnHeroPartyEvent (Creature&in _Creature)
bool TOnInventoryEvent (const uint8 _uPlayerFaction, const string&in _sItemName, const uint _uAmount)
bool TOnCreatureInventoryEvent (Creature&in _Creature, const string&in _sItemName, const uint _uAmount)
bool TOnCreatureEvent (Creature&in _Creature)
bool TOnBuildingEvent (Building&in _Building)
bool TOnBuildingExtendedEvent (Building&in _Building, string[]&in _sParams)
bool TOnBuildingCreatureEvent (Building&in _Building, Creature[]&in _Creatures)
bool TOnLogicObjectEvent (LogicObject&in _Object, uint8 _uFaction)
bool TOnSectorEvent (Sector@ _Sector, const uint8 _uPreviousOwnerFaction, const uint8 _uNewOwnerFaction)
bool TOnUIEvent (const uint8 _uPlayerFaction)
bool TOnUIEntityEvent (const uint8 _uPlayerFaction, Entity&in _Entity)
bool TOnTimerEvent ()
bool TOnTimerUserDataEvent (const string&in _sUserData)