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class WeatherReference

A script which handles the weather.

Class Methods

int GetWorldTimeMS () const
get the absolute time in milliseconds that has passed since the level has started
int GetDeterministicRandomInt (const int _iFrom, const int _iTo) const
returns a deterministic random integer in the range [_iFrom; _iTo[
uint8 GetCurrentMapSetting () const
get the setting index of the current level
void RestoreDefaultWeather ()
restore weather settings to default
float GetShadowStrength () const
get current shadow strength
float GetDefaultShadowStrength () const
get default shadow strength
void SetShadowStrength (const float _fValue)
set shadow strength
float GetRoughness () const
get current roughness
float GetDefaultRoughness () const
get default roughness
void SetRoughness (const float _fValue)
set roughness
float GetViewDependentRoughness () const
get current view dependent roughness
float GetDefaultViewDependentRoughness () const
get default view dependent roughness
void SetViewDependentRoughness (const float _fValue)
set view dependent roughness
float GetCloudScale () const
get current cloud scale
float GetDefaultCloudScale () const
get default cloud scale
void SetCloudScale (const float _fValue)
set cloud scale
float GetCloudDensity () const
get current cloud density
float GetDefaultCloudDensity () const
get default cloud density
void SetCloudDensity (const float _fValue)
set cloud scale
float GetCloudStrength () const
get current cloud strength
float GetDefaultCloudStrength () const
get default cloud strength
void SetCloudStrength (const float _fValue)
set cloud strength
void GetCloudLayerSpeedA (float&out _fOutX, float&out _fOutZ) const
get current cloud speed for layer A
void GetDefaultCloudLayerSpeedA (float&out _fOutX, float&out _fOutZ) const
get default cloud speed for layer A
void SetCloudLayerSpeedA (const float _fX, const float _fZ)
set cloud speed for layer A
void GetCloudLayerSpeedB (float&out _fOutX, float&out _fOutZ) const
get current cloud speed for layer B
void GetDefaultCloudLayerSpeedB (float&out _fOutX, float&out _fOutZ) const
get default cloud speed for layer B
void SetCloudLayerSpeedB (const float _fX, const float _fZ)
set cloud speed for layer B
bool IsEffectEnabled (const EWeatherEffect _Effect) const
is effect currently enabled?
bool IsEffectEnabledByDefault (const EWeatherEffect _Effect) const
is effect enabled by default?
void EnableEffect (const EWeatherEffect _Effect, const bool _bEnabled)
enable or disable effect
float GetEffectIntensity (const EWeatherEffect _Effect) const
get current effect intensity
float GetDefaultEffectIntensity (const EWeatherEffect _Effect) const
get default effect intensity
void SetEffectIntensity (const EWeatherEffect _Effect, const float _fValue)
set effect intensity